• The sale of the Lyckopenningen contributes to the Visually Impaired National Association
  • The jewelry for happiness in life!
  • Appreciated gift since 1912

The Lyckopenningen
– the original since 1912

Ever since 1912, the Lyckopenning has been a popular gift, both to give and to receive. And even 100 years after its inception, the income from the Lyckopenning is an important contribution to the work of the National Association of the Visually Impaired to ensure that the visually impaired have a better life in society. The idea of ​​Lyckopenningen thus has exactly the same relevance today 100 years later. It is a precious gift with a priceless meaning! And for the National Federation of the Visually Impaired, it provides an important financial contribution in our fight to give the visually impaired equality and full participation in our society. Since 2022, the Lyckopenningen has been run by  Jeweler Jos W Bohlins Guld Eftr AB, continuing in the same spirit as before and for the benefit of the Visually Impaired National Association and their work to help the visually impaired.

A wonderful gift to give and to receive for baptism, confirmation, graduation, birthday or for a best friend. Read more about the history of Lykopenningen

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A valued gift since 1912